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The Best Concert Ukuleles: Reviews and 2018 Buyer’s Guide

The ukulele has become a hit among young and experienced musicians alike. The instrument has four strings and a unique tone, and it mainly comes in four sizes: soprano, tenor, baritone and concert. Although the soprano ukulele is the most commonly used size, the concert-sized ukulele has gained a great deal of popularity in recent […]

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Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup Reviews: Guide To The Top 5 (2018)

The best acoustic guitars are known for their rich, deep and distinct tones. Manufacturers often hype their choice of tonewoods over other brands for just this reason. Mahogany for its bright projection, spruce for that classic twang, exotics for a unique sound and big price tag, and so on. The shape of your guitar also […]

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2018 Buyer’s Guide to the Best Keyboards with Weighted Keys

One of the main goals of the digital piano is to simulate the traditional upright piano without the hefty weight and lack of portability. And one of the most important factors in recreating the authentic piano experience is the feel of the keys.The best digital pianos today have weighted keys, and many even have graded hammer […]

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