28+ Easy Acoustic Guitar Love Songs for that Special Someone

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There is no better way to express your feelings for someone you love than the language of music. Nothing is more quintessential than playing a romantic song for your significant other on a guitar and winning their heart.

You don’t have to be a professional guitarist to play most of the acoustic guitar love songs we’ll show today. Even a beginner guitarist can pick up and play most of these songs with straightforward guitar chords.

If you’re looking for easy acoustic guitar songs about love, then you’re in the right place. We have a massive list of the best romantic guitar songs, and you’ll be sure to find one your partner will love.

What You’ll Need to Know to Play a Classic Love Song

If you’re a beginner guitarist who hasn’t had their first guitar lesson, you’re going to have a hard time playing these songs even though most of them are very easy to learn. You need to have basic knowledge of playing guitar before you take on whole pieces.

Here are a few things you should know about before you start learning these songs.

Music Theory

Music theory is like the grammar of music. It teaches you how music is put together, which can help you learn quickly. You should learn more about music theory early on so you can expand upon the guitar training process with ease.

We’re not saying you have to be a musical genius, but having an understanding of timing and such will help you learn these songs much quicker.


You’ll need to learn guitar chords to perform your favorite tune. If notes are letters, then chords are words. Using this concept, the more words you have, the more you’re able to express. You’ll find many of these songs use the same chords, so if you master one, you could probably play a few.

Chords are the most fundamental of guitar playing skills, so make sure you at least know open chords. Most of these songs are relatively easy, and they don’t have barre chords or other difficult-to-play chord variations.

Strumming Patterns

It’s useless to memorize chords when you can’t translate them to playing them on the guitar. Learning rhythms and applying them when playing your guitar is the foundation for playing the guitar fluently.

The Most Romantic Acoustic Guitar Songs

Here is a list of a few classic songs, ranging from rock music to the country genre and everything in between. We’ve also made an effort to include an array of modern artists and old hits. 

This list aims to provide you with at least a few songs that you can learn and play for your loved one, whatever your taste may be.

All Of Me – John Legend (Em, C, G, D, Am, C/D)

This beautiful love song is one of John Legend’s most romantic numbers. It’s originally a piano song, but it translates as a romantic guitar song quite well. It was written by John Legend for his then-fiancé Chrissy Teigen, so it hits right in the feels.

It’s an easy song for beginners and can be played with just six chords. These include Em, C, G, D, Am, and C/D. If you’re a beginner with a little bit of practice under your sleeve, this love ballad should be a relatively easy song to play.

Click here for the full chords.

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars (D, Bm7, G)

Winning him a Grammy Award in 2011 and marking a start to his successful career, this song by Bruno Mars has beautiful lyrics with a simple tune that audiences worldwide fell in love with. This can be a great song to play for your loved one and has a beautiful message.

It’s also one of those easy songs with simple chords and a basic strumming pattern. You can learn this song reasonably quickly without using any advanced guitar skills if you’re a beginner.

Click here for the full chords.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (C, C/E, F, G, Dm, Am)

A heartfelt love song by Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud exploded in popularity as it became the go-to dance song for weddings. With its beautiful, heartwarming lyrics, it’s a great song to dedicate to that special someone in your life.

The song uses the C, C/E, F, G, Dm, and Am chords. So, with a bit of dedicated practice, you can master this song in no time. You can add a guitar capo to the 2nd fret to make your tune sound the closest to the original song.

Click here for the full chords.

Someone Like You – Adele (G, Em, C, D, Bm)

Okay, so it’s more of a breakup song, but Adele’s 2011 hit took the world by storm when almost everyone sang it and knew the lyrics by heart.

It has beautiful lyrics about letting go, which is a form of romance in itself, right? And paired with Adele’s fantastic voice, it is a great song to play for your significant other to impress them.

This song consists mainly of four easy chords: G, Em, C, and D with the Bm barre chord. However, if you’re having trouble with the barre chord, you can just change it to Bm7. For this, put your fingers on the 2nd frets of the first, third, and fifth string.

Click here for the full chords.

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley (G, D, Em, C, A7, F)

One of the greatest guitar love songs of all time by the legendary Elvis Presley, this song holds great sentimental value to most people and has been covered countless times. It’s considered to be a timeless tune, and it’s easy to play and sing. 

The singing is nice and comfortable for those with a deep voice too.

It requires six very basic chords, including G, D, Em, C, A7, and F chords Link to F chord article, and features a classic strumming pattern that you can get used to in no time.

If you want to advance your skills a little, this is a nice slow one to start practicing fingerpicking with.

Click here for the full chords.

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton (G, D, C, Em)

This wonderful classic by Eric Clapton from the 1970s is the perfect song to play for your loved one as it has a soft melody with beautiful heartwarming lyrics that can melt the steely nerves of your significant other. 

It can be played using very simple open chords, including the G, D, C, and Em, which are some of the first chords beginners can play comfortably. 

You can skip the G7 chord used at the end of the chorus and instead just play a G chord.

Click here for the full chords.

You Are My Sunshine – Johnny Cash (A, D, E)

The original song is as old as it’s from 1939, has a unique twist as it is a country song. Multiple artists have covered it over many years, but this cover by Johnny Cash is among the most played versions. By playing this song to your loved ones, you can bring “sunshine” to their lives.

This version uses the three A, D, and E chords and uses a classic strumming pattern which is easy to learn, so you can learn to play this song in no time.

It’s also nice and easy to sing.

Click here for the full chords.

I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton (C, G, Em, D)

In some people’s eyes, this song by Dolly Parton is considered one of the most romantic songs in music history. Its lyrics combined with a beautiful melody are a great way to articulate your feelings for your loved one.

The chords used in the song are some of the easiest to play chords on the acoustic guitar, so even a new guitar player can play this song after a bit of practice. The chords used are C, G, Em, and D, with a basic strumming pattern.

If you’ve got a powerful singing voice, maybe give Whitney Houston’s version a try instead.

Click here for the full chords.

Knockin On Heavens Door – Bob Dylan (G, D, Em, C)

This is a classic and is one of the most played songs on the guitar. It was a viral song of its time and is still known by almost everyone today. 

It’s not technically a love song for a partner, but it’s still filled with a lot of emotion in the lyrics and shows the love and respect between a mother and child. (So it’s still a great one if you’re looking to impress girls)

This one is an easy guitar song with an easy repetitive chord progression. The chords used here are G, D, Em, and C. The strumming pattern is also the classic down-down-up-up-down-up. 

Click here for the full chords.

Your Body Is A Wonderland – John Mayer (D, Asus4, G, Em, F#m, Gadd9, Asus, Bm9)

This hit by John Mayer is one of the best acoustic guitar love songs for the past 20 years. It requires a lot of confidence to perform but does feature an unambiguous message, so perform this at your discretion.

The song features eight chords, and some of them are a bit more difficult so you may need some lessons under your belt before trying this one. The chords this song uses are D, Asus4, G, Em, F#m, Gadd9, Asus, and Bm9.

This song could be a good one to learn to progress your skills and chordal library.

Click here for the full chords.

With Or Without You – U2 (G, D, Em, C)

This song was the first hit of U2. It portrayed complicated relationships in a beautifully emotional way. Perfect for if your relationship mirrors the one Bono refers to in the lyrics.

The song uses four simple chords: G, D, Em, and C, and the song uses an easy-to-learn classic strumming pattern.

The chord chart below doesn’t include the WOOAAAHOHHOHHHH section (you know the part). Just play the same chords as the chorus.

Click here for the full chords.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen (G, Em, C, D7, B7) – A Sad Song?

This song has beautiful lyrics that will hit you right in the feels. This fantastic tune by Leonard Cohen is a widely popular song across generations, thanks to Shrek.

Its a tougher one to sing but literally teaches you music theory with the lyrics. Pay close attention, and you’ll notice “the minor fall and the major lift” when you’re learning other songs too.

The song has five very simple chords: G, Em, C, D7, and B7. The strumming is straightforward, and the song has several covers, so you can mix and match to create your own personalized version of the song by stealing ideas. 

If the chords are familiar to you, you won’t have any problems playing this song. The sad song overtones coupled with romantic lyrics provide an awesome skill set to master.

Click here for the full chords.

Stay With Me – Sam Smith (Em, Cadd9, G)

This song by Sam Smith has explicit lyrics and a sad atmosphere and tells the story of falling in love with someone after one night. It’s a piano song, but it translates to guitar just as well.

The song has three very easy chords, which are Em, Cadd9, and the G chord. 

If you like mashing songs together, the chorus of this song matches up perfectly with I Wont Back Down by Tom Petty. It can be like learning two songs in one.

Click here for the full chords.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz (G, D, Em, C)

This song was a huge hit and received a nomination for a Grammy. It’s a perfect acoustic guitar song to play for your special someone, and it’s effortless to learn and master.

The song has four easy-to-learn chords, which are G, D, Em, and C. The chords have comfortable finger positions, which makes this a chill song to play on the guitar. 

The strumming pattern is also straightforward, with triple down and upstrokes. This is among one of the best songs to learn as a beginner, period. Forget about it even being romantic. Put this one in your repertoire anyway.

Click here for the full chords.

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt (G, Dsus4/F#, Em7, Cadd9, Am)

Those chords look much scarier than they actually are to play. They are just the “Wonderwall chords” and allow you to play a simple four-chord pattern without moving your ring and pinky fingers.

This song sounds romantic but is actually about a man stalking a woman on a train if you listen closely to the lyrics. Still, we’ve played this song at countless weddings, and people always love the romantic vibes. 

This song is a prime example of how the feel of a song overpowers the lyrics sometimes, which is a good lesson to learn for when you start writing your own songs.

Click here for the full chords.

Stand By Me – Ben E. King (G, Em, C, D)

If you’re looking for a risk-free acoustic love song, then this 1961 song is a great choice to impress anyone. This is one of the most classic romantic songs in the history of music and has beautiful heartwarming lyrics, which are widely known by most. 

So, all you need to do to impress that special someone is learn the simple chords, as you probably already know the lyrics.

It has four easy chords, G, Em, C, and D. Even beginners can nail this song down with a small amount of practice. Although if you want to play the real strumming pattern, it can be hard to sing and play at the same time.

Click here for the full chords.

Fix You – Coldplay (D, Bm, G, A)

This slow-tempo hit by Coldplay from 2005 is a beautiful romantic song which the singer Chris wrote for his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. So, from the start, this song holds a lot of sentimental value. 

It’s a song about comforting your loved ones in their dark times, so it’s a perfect song to set the mood and open the hearts of your audience.

It consists of four chords: D, Bm, G, and A, and it has a slow strumming pattern.  That Bm may cause you some issues, but just switch it out for a Bm7 which sounds even better in our opinion.

Click here for the full chords.

It Must Have Been Love – Roxette (G, D, Am, C, Em)

This popular song by Roxette was a hit in 1987. It’s a rock love song which makes it very unique. It’s a song about losing a loved one and the regrets one has after losing them. 

The song requires only five simple chords, including G, D, Am, C, and Em, with a basic strumming pattern. You can try to arpeggiate the chords for a more complex sound if you’re a bit more experienced.

Click here for the full chords.

One Last Time – Ariana Grande (G, C, Em, Am, D)

This pop song by Ariana Grande from 2014 tells the story of a woman wanting her loved one back and wanting to hold him in her arms again.

This song features five simple chords, G, C, Em, Am, and D. The rhythm of this popular song is very fast, making strumming harder for new guitar players. 

Start by learning this song slowly and build up the speed as you feel more and more comfortable. You could try just playing one strum of each chord.

Click here for the full chords.

Wonderwall – Oasis (Em, G, D, A7sus4, C)

This song is considered one of the greatest for a reason. It has a simple structure with memorable (albeit sometimes confusing) lyrics. It’s a great song to learn and play for your loved one. It’s a popular song and a perfect choice to play for your loved one.

The chords are easy to learn: Em, G, D, A7sus4, and C. Using Cadd9 actually makes it easier and is the standard way most acoustic musicians play this song.

Click here for the full chords.

Fallin – Alicia Keys (Em, Bm7)

This hit song by Alicia Keys won her three Grammys and was her first hit which boosted her to stardom. It is the perfect love song that portrays love with its up and downs in a poetic way.

It only uses two chords! So, it’s great to practice the transitions between Em and Bm7 repetitively.

The timing of these chord changes fits the lyrics too, so it is pretty simple to master singing and playing this one at the same time.

Click here for the full chords.

Heaven – Bryan Adams (C, Am, G, F, Dm)

This 1983 classic by Bryan Adams describes the genuine feelings of love-stricken people. It’s a romantic song with a beautiful, catchy melody and heartwarming lyrics. 

The song uses the C, Am, G, F, and Dm chords. If you’re unfamiliar with barre chords, you can find the easier version of the F chord. The strumming is also simple, with down strums on every beat, giving the accent on the third one.

You can also arpeggiate the chords to add a slower romantic spin to it, but either way, this song is an amazing choice to play for your special someone.

Click here for the full chords.

Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley (G, Dsus, D, Em, C, A7, Am, D7)

We are adding another song by Elvis Presley just because of his huge catalog of classic love songs. Always On My Mind is one of the classics with an easy-to-play tune and simple but heartwarming lyrics alongside a beautiful melody. 

It has many chords to remember. However, they are easy to learn with comfortable finger positions. The chords include G, Dsus, D, Em, C, A7, Am, and D7. 

The strumming is easy as you can play the song with down strums with your thumb. The hardest part of this song will be learning the chord transitions, but that’s something you should practice anyway.

Click here for the full chords.

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s (D, F#m, Bm, G, A)

Got a girlfriend named Delilah? Boy, do we have a song for you! You can also change out the name to your significant other’s.

The tune features the D, F#m, Bm, G, and A chords. Those two barre chords may trip some beginners up, but his song gets much easier if you play it in the key of C instead. Just transpose the song down two positions in the linked  ultimate-guitar chord chart.

Click here for the full chords.

Love Me Do – The Beatles (G, C, G7, D)

If you know how to whistle well, then as an added bonus, you can whistle the harmonica parts (or just play the harmonica of course).

There are three simple open chords used in this song: G, C, G7, and D chords. This, paired with a very simple strumming pattern, makes this song easy to play and master. You can also just play a G instead of G7 if it’s giving you trouble.

Click here for the full chords.

Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra (Am, G, Dm)

This song by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood is a very cute song with sweet lyrics and a beautiful melody. 

This song is also a duet, so it creates a perfect opportunity to have your loved one join in with you to sing along, which helps create an unforgettable experience.

The song has very simple chords that include the Am, G, and Dm chords. The strumming pattern also shouldn’t cause you any issues.

Click here for the full chords.

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers (Am, Em, Em/G, Dm)

The song consists of four very easy chords: Am, Em, Em/G, and Dm. The song has a slow tempo and a sentimental vibe, so let the chords ring out to create that slow experience. If you’re singing along, then do remember that the vocals start before the chords.

The bridge is perfect to practice using a loop pedal for your vocals as you can build strong harmonies over the repetition of “I know”.

Click here for the full chords.

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