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Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup Reviews: Guide To The Top 5 (2018)

The best acoustic guitars are known for their rich, deep and distinct tones. Manufacturers often hype their choice of tonewoods over other brands for just this reason. Mahogany for its bright projection, spruce for that classic twang, exotics for a unique sound and big price tag, and so on. The shape of your guitar also […]

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10 False Beliefs Holding You Back from Playing Guitar

This is a guest post by Kevin DePew from the awesome site Relax and Learn Guitar. Kevin has been playing guitar for over 30 years, and RLG includes a variety of video lessons, personalized instruction, and a dedicated online community of people who want to learn guitar. I have worked with a lot of people […]

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Pound for Pound the Best Acoustic Guitars Out There in 2017

Whether you’re strumming through a quiet evening around a campfire or shredding during a raucous jam session with a group of friends, few instruments are as essential and versatile to the creation of great music as a good guitar. A good acoustic guitar will grow with you musically and provide hours of song-building and years […]

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2017 Guide to The Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1,000

If you want to produce that deep, rich and versatile acoustic guitar sound, you’re going to need a quality instrument to show off your skills and help build new ones. Whether jamming with a group or accompanying a single vocalist, guitar players know that their strumming is the heart and soul of any melody.As it turns […]

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2017 Guide to the Top 5 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars

So you love the classic and melodic sound of great acoustic guitars, but you want to play LOUD, or possibly just be heard all the way to the back of the crowded venue? A good acoustic-electric guitar may be just the compromise you’ve been looking for.For those of you who don’t know, an acoustic-electric or […]

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The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500: 2017 Buyer’s Guide

How many times have you thought about purchasing your first acoustic guitar or upgrading the beginner model you’ve had since high school band class, but never followed through because of budget? If you think you can’t find a quality acoustic guitar at a reasonable price, well I’m here to set you straight.As it turns out, […]

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Reviews of the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings in 2017

Many different factors contribute to great guitar sound and playability. Everything from the fretboard, type of wood, and shape of the neck have an impact. But when it comes down to it, the strings you use will affect your guitar playing more noticeably and immediately than any other factor. You can even enhance the tone […]

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