23 Ukulele Blogs You Need to Tune Into This Year

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Whether you’re a new ukulele player or an old pro, you no doubt are always looking for ways to improve your playing skills, learn fun ukulele songs, and find the best ukuleles out there. But with so much information available at your fingertips, how do you know which sites are genuinely going to help you in your path to becoming a great ukulele player? Below are 23 ukulele bloggers that you ought to tune into straightaway.

Uke Hunt


Uke hunt not only has an interesting sounding name, it also has a variety of content spread throughout the week. Chords, theory, reviews, ukulele videos…you name it, Uke has it!

Flea Plucker

Flea plucker_sherrie

Run by the self proclaimed “Ukulele Lady of Southern California”, this blog provides practical tips on ukulele playing, as well as an offer of soprano ukulele lessons.


Ukeeku is exactly what it says: “a place to reflect on ukuleles and ukulele reviews.” The goal in starting this blog was to fill a hole in the ukulele community with a site that reviews ukuleles that the masses can afford. It’s the work that goes into playing a ukulele that makes it great, not its price tag.

Love My Ukulele

Love my ukulele jamie-houston-founder-with-logo

This site’s goal is to share their love of the happiest instrument in the world.The site is full of tips on how to play your uke better, as well as videos and stories of people loving on their ukuleles.

Uke 4 U

This site truly is made 4 U! It takes an easy approach to learning the ukulele in providing you with simple songs to learn, as well as showing you the ukulele in different musical genres.

Ukulele Secrets

Ukulele secrets_tim

This site is brought to you by Tim Keough (or ukuleletim on youtube). His goal in sharing what he does on his site is to teach you to play your uke well in a relatively short period of time. He shares tricks of the trade to make you sound your best!

Play Ukulele By Ear

Play ukulele by ear_jim

Have you always wanted to be able to play ukulele by ear? If so, this is definitely a site you should check out! They have a wealth of information including interviews, basic lessons, information on how songs are constructed, and more!

Got a Ukulele

This site takes their ukes very seriously with pages full of helpful information. They have detailed ukulele reviews, tips for beginning players, and more information about how to learn the craft of becoming a ukulelist.

Ukulele Go!

Ukulele go dave

Dave from this uke site loves all things ukulele. He’s got six at home with him! He and his ukuleles provide helpful thoughts and tutorials for all your ukulele playing and learning needs.

Dr. Uke


Dr. Uke is here for you, whoever you may be! He has a section for those just starting out, as well as more advanced sections. He explains theory to help beginners and slightly more advanced players benefit from his wisdom. And, he even offers to do presentations and workshops for interested learners.

Ukulele Tricks

Ukulele tricks-brett-mcqueen

This site started with a simple book for ukulele lessons. You can get a free copy of it! The biggest part of the site are the video courses they offer to help you strum your way to success.

Ukulele Underground

Ukulele underground

This site is full of ukulele webcam sessions to teach you the basics (and not so basics!) of playing your uke. They also have other official more lessons for the instrument. All around, it’s a great site for picking up helpful tips for your playing!

Live Ukulele


Brad from this ukulele site teaches you the instrument from his home in Hawaii. He writes and plays and teaches all at Live Ukulele. One of his latest articles is titled “Switching Chords Faster & Easier.” Simple, practical, to the point.

Ukester Brown

Ukester brown

This ukulele player from Minnesota has put together a virtual treasure for you in the form of chord charts and lyrics for songs that many have forgotten or let slip to a lesser used part of their brain. His love for the ukulele and for being a help to others is obvious!


Ukeonomics blog topper small2

This site has a little bit of everything. News, tabs & chords, tips, beginner info, tools, how to articles, interviews, reviews…even an etsy shop selling felt ukulele picks! Interesting, helpful, and full of information!

Ukulele 4 Kids

As you may have deduced from the name, Ukulele 4 Kids was set up to as a resource to help kids who are learning (or hoping to learn!) to play the ukulele. No discrimination here though! They hope to appeal to “kids” of all ages.

The Jumping Flea

This site offers more help and information for those wanting to buy a ukulele. Want uke reviews? This is a great place to find them! They also have helpful articles on the subject of the uke.

Uke Nut


This site is another wealth of information on a wealth of topics. It is an excellent place to go to when you’re in search of ukulele news, or looking for events near you featuring the ukulele. The site also has its own store for you to buy your own uke gear. Check out the site to find all they have to offer!

Ukulele Mike


And of course, you can’t talk about great uke sites and leave out Ukulele Mike! Mike is followed by thousands of people through his popular Youtube instructional videos. He also offers workshops and lessons on the ukulele. He’s definitely a great resource to keep in mind (and follow!) if you’re serious about learning the ukulele.


As you can see, we aren’t lacking for ukulele content online! Check out some of the links, or better yet, all of them when you have the time! Each piece of information you read and store away is another bit of knowledge you can apply to your ukulele playing, making yourself an even better player, one article at a time.

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