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As musicians we are always searching for inspiration, motivation, and for ways to refine our craft. But it can be a challenge to find that not only inspires us, but is also accurate and fun to read. These 29 piano bloggers are doing it right.

Being exposed to other musicians and hearing what they have to say is incredibly important in any piano learning journey. No matter if you’re an experienced musician, a teacher, or just getting started these blogs will help you expand your musical horizons.

Tim Topham


Tim Topham is a piano teacher that teaches his students not only how to read music, but also how to be creative, competent and have an overall understanding of music.

Piano Blog


Matt is a Texan piano teacher with plenty of tips and tricks on how to practice and how to pick out the perfect piano for you. He is dedicated toward helping his students reach their musical goals, and that dedication really shows through in his blog.

Color In My Piano


This blog is run by pianist and teacher from Ohio, Joy. She offers not only tips for your own personal learning, but also offers resources for other teachers such as attendance sheets and tips on how to teach difficult topics such as theory.

The Collaborative Piano Blog


As a pianist and a teacher for both piano and vocals, Chris Foley is a reliable source for any musical questions you may have and will let you know interesting events and the technicalities and technologies that help shape your playing.

The Playful Piano


Jenny focuses on bringing piano playing into the lives of children. The fun tips she provides are perfect for any teacher who finds their students having trouble and are sure to keep music fun for the kids.

Josh Wright Piano


Josh Wright is a passionate, successful, talented pianist eager to share music with everyone which he does through inspiring stories of his experiences being a professional musician.

My Fun Piano Studio


My Fun Piano Studio offers tips for both piano students and teachers: how to practice the piano, how to improvise, and how to run a successful piano studio business. Run by Kristin, the author of the Piano Magic system, My Fun Piano Studio is a great blog for everyone interested in the piano.

88 Piano Keys


Leila J Viss’ blog offers teaching tips as well as practice tips to use in your personal time as well. Whether you are the teacher or the student, her tips are sure to be helpful.

Susan Paradis

Susan runs her blog with a serious passion about both piano and teaching. She offers free material for both other teachers to use and for students to practice. With all the resources she offers, you’re sure to continue learning and teaching without worrying for new material.

Music Matters Blog


Natalie Weber runs a piano studio and holds teaching close to her heart. She aims not just to teach about music, but to inspire it into her readers as well. With plenty of giveaways, events, and tips, her blog is sure to keep you busy.

Melanie Spanswick


Melanie is a teacher, writer, pianist, and a composer who knows the importance of good teaching in learning music. Her blog is sure to help you figure out difficult topics such as music theory or nailing complicated compositions.

Piano Addict


Gail is a highly recognized teacher who uses her knowledge of teaching to help other teachers. If you’re looking for resources and tips, her blog is the place to go!

Piano Street

The team of Piano Street is a blog specifically catering to classical pianists. It is full of tips and tricks for classical pieces and plenty of news on events and artists.

Bulletproof Musician


Noa Kageyama is a dedicated musician who wants a love of music with everyone. His blog is perfect for anyone who wants lessons, as there is an online course and coaching available.

A Philosophical Approach to Piano


This blog, by danthecomposer, takes a different approach to piano. It looks more deeply into the philosophical concepts of playing, rather than just focusing on theory.

Practising the Piano


As the name would suggest, this blog is full of tips for making your practicing more worthwhile. It is a good resource for finding techniques and practice exercises.



Andrew Eales is a teacher and pianist who is sharing what he refers to as “the way of piano.” His blog focuses on teaching, especially children, and even includes tips for parents of young pianists.


Nikos Kokkinis is a Greek piano teacher with an education at the Royal Academy of Music in London. His blog is easy to read and his tips are divided up into readings for before, after, and during practice, as well as a category for college study.

The Cross-Eyed Pianist


Frances Wilson’s blog is a valuable resource for any pianist or piano fan. She gives genuine and helpful reviews about numerous pianists.

Piano Diana Blog


Diana is a piano teacher with more than two decades of experience. She uses her blog as a place to share ideas with other teachers, keep her readers up to date on music news, and offer free tips and tricks.

Piano Around the World


Doran Negrin’s blog doubles as a music and travel blog. His continuing story of quitting his job to travel around the world to play and learn about music is sure to inspire.



Grace Lam offers helpful advice for pianists, such as practice music and tips on getting the most out of your practicing. If you want to get the most out of the work you do, her tips are beyond valuable.



Wendy Stevens is a teacher, composer, and speaker who is dedicated to helping teachers. Her blog focuses on working with children, providing useful tips and resources such as sheet music and worksheets.

The Curious Piano Teacher


Sally Cathcart and Sharon Mark-Teggart are passionate teachers to both children and adults. If you’re looking for teaching resources or information about music and music history, this is the place to go!

DoctorKey’s Piano Blog


This blog goes beyond tips and tricks and actually offers lessons. DoctorKey’s blog is full of videos and private lessons, perfect for any beginner or continuing artist!

Laura’s Music Studio

Laura’s blog is a wealth of information on how to teach and how to play piano. She emphasized not only what notes to hit, but how to think every time we sit down in front of a piano.

Gretchen Saathoff


Gretchen is a pianist and vocal coach. While she believes every student must be taught differently, she doesn’t hesitate to give us tips and tricks to improve our playing!


Whether you are a new, budding pianist or an accomplished musician looking to teach or continue to learn, these blogs are sure to help. They will advise and inspire you to learn, create, and move forward to inspire others yourself.​

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