25 Great Guitar Blogs Worth Following

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Learning how to play guitar or how to further develop your skills is anything but easy. Thankfully, we live in an age where information is readily available and abundant.

You probably already know about a whole lot of great sites where you can pick up new tricks, master new techniques, and even learn some easy guitar songs. However, guitar blogs are another practical source of information that can help you learn new things in a more friendly manner.

In order to get you started, I’ve compiled a list of 25 great guitar blogs which are definitely worth following in 2016. You’ll find a bit of everything on this list, but most importantly, you will find conventional and not so conventional knowledge presented in a different way. Let’s get started.​



Awesome blog that doesn’t go that much into technique, but rather gives you an insight into the style and personal presences of some pretty experienced guitar players. Definitely check out this one.

Learning Guitar Now


If you want a mix of tech reviews and great tutorials on licks and overall technique, this blog is the place to visit. Concise video lessons and no-nonsense approach to gear is what these guys are all about.

Classical Guitar


Nylon strings are hard to substitute, and that is what Christopher Davis knows all too well. His blog is full of easy to follow lessons on classical guitar technique, as well as interviews with a number of luthiers and guitarists.

Jazz Advice


Jazz is all about being able to feel the music. Jazz Advice is a blog that will help you get to that level sooner. It’s full of awesome tutorials and discussions on the topic of Jazz guitar. This is one of the better blogs out there.



Fast solo sections and equally fast tempos make for a very challenging technique to master. Shredaholic offers an abundance of practical and theoretical knowledge on how to get fast and accurate at the same time.

Guitar Hippies


In the sea of standard practice guitar blogs, seeing someone who thinks outside the box is refreshing to say the least. Guitar Hippies brings a fresh perspective to the field, along with some pretty interesting tutorials on guitar mods and customization.

Guitar Vibe


Zack’s blog is a pretty laid back place that will introduce you to a lot of lesser known guitar players through various interviews. He also offers his opinion on different albums and concerts. All in all, pretty honest guy.

Justin Guitar


Aside from a very successful Youtube channel, Justin also has a supporting blog where he offers an abundance of great lessons and tutorials. His teaching style is what put him on the map, so definitely check this guy out.

Adam Rafferty


Adam is a down to earth guy who happens to be a talented teacher and an even more talented musician. If you are interested in fingerstyle technique and everything related to it, Adam is your guy.



Finding a decent place that offers reviews on some popular and some obscure guitars is pretty hard these days. Guitarz is a rare oasis of honest information that many guitar aficionados will find refreshing.

I Heart Guitar Blog


This is the type of place that covers just about anything guitar related. We’re talking gear, instruments, bands, albums and more. All of this is delivered in a tone we can all relate to.

The Guitar Journal


If you want to go outside the scope of mainstream, The Guitar Journal is the place to visit. These guys cover exotic music genres as well as less known guitar techniques. On top of all that, you can also find some pretty detailed gear reviews.

Jazz Guitar Online


The Jazz Guitar Online blog brings a lot of traditional lessons combined with neat little tutorials and much more. You will find some pretty detailed lessons that are specific to certain guitar players and genres of Jazz.

Eddie’s Guitars


Eddie’s Guitars is a very niche-oriented shop that deals with acoustic guitars almost exclusively. Unlike most other shops who have a blog, Eddie’s brings pretty honest reviews of stuff they carry in stock.

Jazz Guitar Licks


As the name states, this is a place that publishes an abundance of great lessons and offers all kinds of accompanying media. Jazz Guitar Licks is definitely one of the better sources of Jazz guitar knowledge online.

Guitar Lifestyle


What we have here is a great collection of guitar and gear review, combined with some pretty useful tips. Guitar Lifestyle also offers concise gear rundowns for a variety of major rock bands.

Matt Warnock Guitar


Matt is one of the more dedicated Jazz guitarists with an online presence. His blog is full of great lessons and easy to follow tutorials.

Guitar Answer Guy


Bobby, who runs this blog, is one of those guys who loves to help beginners get on their feet. What he offers is a great variety of beginner friendly lessons and tips.



If Strats are your thing, Stratoblogster is one place online that will answer any question you might have about this legendary guitar model. On top of that, they also offer a wealth of little known info that few know about.

Guitar Dad


Paul Dillon is a passionate guitar player, loving husband, and a caring father. His blog is more of a personalized piece where he writes about everything and anything. However, his guitar related articles are a fun read.

Guitar Adventures

Guitar adventures logo

Guitar Adventures is another review oriented blog with a hint of tutorials in there somewhere. This is a general purpose guitar blog, but one worth following.

Six String Soul


The scope of topics covered at Six String Soul is impressive to say the least. Reviews, tips, lessons and quality discussions are what you can find in this place.

Classical Guitar ‘n Stuff


This particular blog covers a wide range of topics regarding classical guitar. Anything from reviews to event announcements can be found here. It’s the type of blog to read with your morning coffee.

Modern Fingerstyle guitar


Fingerstyle is an awesome technique everyone should be familiar with to some extent at least. The blog we’re looking at here offers a variety of interviews and tutorials regarding fingerstyle technique.

Final Thoughts

The blogs we’ve mentioned here are definitely some of the best sources of alternative guitar-related knowledge. These are refreshing when compared to your run-of-the-mill sites which are based around trying to sell you a product. I’ve included something for everyone, so you should have no problem finding a blog that is up your alley.

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