Fm Ukulele Chord

Learning all the different chords you can play on the ukulele is one of the most important parts of mastering the instruments. Whether you want to play a melodic line or backing part, having a solid understanding of the chords or harmony of a song is crucial. 

Major and minor chords make up most of the chords that you will tackle when learning to play the ukulele. The Fm chord is just one of many minor chords, which are generally used to add a sense of tension, darkness, or melancholy to a piece of music. Minor chords can also be applied simply for contrast with major chords, too.

This article goes over the Fm ukulele chord, discussing how to construct the chord, as well as some different ways to play the chord and listing a number of popular songs that feature the Fm chord. 

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The Basics

All minor chords are based on a corresponding minor triad. A triad is a chord made up of three notes, and a minor triad consists of a root note, minor third, and perfect fifth. This combination of notes that makes up the chord is what gives minor chords their sad, melancholic sound. 

Of course, there’s more to chords than just triads. You can play one chord any number of ways with different voicings. Some voicings will simply repeat the chord’s triad higher or lower on an instrument’s register, while others will add or remove notes from the chord altogether. 

The basic F minor chord itself is made up of the notes F, Ab, and C. Note that, as mentioned above, different voicings of the chord will feature different notes. Learning different voicings of the same chord is a great way to be able to highlight particular attributes of a given chord, or to let a specific interval come to the fore more than it would have when played as part of the standard chord shape. 

How to Play the Fm Chord on Ukulele 

Fm ukulele chord

To some beginners, the Fm ukulele chord is one of the more challenging shapes to learn. It can definitely feel more awkward than some of the simpler voicings out there. Still, getting used to playing the chord is really just a matter of practice and patience.

Fret the G string at the first fret with your first finger, the E string at the first fret with your second finger, and the A string at the third fret with your fourth finger. Leave the C string open and strum as normal. 

One of the biggest challenges with this particular chord shape is keeping your fingers clear of the C string as it is left open. It can be tough not to accidentally brush the C string with your fingers on either of the surrounding strings, so be mindful of this. If you can’t keep your fingers clear of the C string, then you’ll likely find that the note gets choked when you try to strum it. 

If you’re struggling to play this chord, try to keep your fretting hand as relaxed as possible while keeping the fingers on your fretting hand fairly upright. This will help to keep them clear of the fretboard and of that open C string. Otherwise, the most important thing you can do to really nail this chord shape is to simply practice playing it as much as you can. 

Fm Chord Closed Variation

Fm ukulele chord ver2

We like this chord for its beefy, full sound. To play this voicing, fret the G and C strings at the fifth fret with your third and fourth fingers respectively. Fret the E string at the fourth fret with your second finger and fret the A string at the third fret with your first finger. 

Fm Chord Barre Version 

Fm ukulele chord ver5

This variation of the Fm ukulele chord is a barre chord. Barre chords can be tricky to nail due to them placing the fretting hand under considerable strain. To play this shape, fret the G string at the fifth fret with your first finger. Then, fret the C, E, and A strings at the eighth fret with your fourth finger.

If you find yourself struggling with this shape, the main thing you can do is to simply practice making the shape until it feels natural and effortless. 

More Fm Chord Variations

Fm ukulele chord ver4

Songs that Use the Fm Chord 

  • Blur – Song 2: Blur’s iconic hit with its nearly instrumental chorus proves you don’t need clever lyrics to capture the imaginations of the public. 
  • Beyoncé – Halo: Beyoncé’s touching ode to the power and purity of love utilizes the Fm chord to considerable effect. 
  • Adele – Someone Like You: Perhaps one of the best-known breakup songs of all time, as well as a showcase for Adele’s incredible vocals, it’s no surprise that Someone Like You makes such heavy use of minor chords.